My Top 5 Online Boutiques to Shop

With this day and age you practically see everyone on their smartphones shopping online and many other things. As far as I can see the majority of women want to look fashionable and have unique styles, just like myself. We all want to look like we have designer clothes, right?! My most favorite online boutiques that offer quality clothes at a decent price are:

  1.  RomWe A rare find on Instagram, you wouldn’t believe how inexpensive and charming their items are!
  2. Amazon We all know how amazing Amazon is, I have noticed a large growth in clothing items at a reasonable offer. If you have Prime, it is even better with their FREE shipping.
  3. Zulily  offers a special deal each day, they offer clothes for men, women, children, shoes, kids toys, tickets for events and even home décor. Their sales last for a certain amount of time before they launch a new one. I have purchased many items from them and they never disappointed me.
  4.  Zaful offers fashion forward, trending clothing for women at an affordable price.
  5. Poppy Apparel Yet another rare find I located on Instagram when an ad popped up. I couldn’t believe how charming their items were from all kinds of designers from $17 and up.

These are some of my favorite online shops and I am so excited to share them with the rest of you. I am excited to see some feedback and if you are willing to share your rare bargains as well. Happy shopping my fellow fashionistas!

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