That Subscription Box Craze

Why wouldn’t you not want to receive fun things in the mail?! I know I certainly do, as soon as I walk in my door, I immediately start opening up my box and rip off my clothes to try on whatever I received! Stitch Fix and Wantable are the ones I love. I have yet to try out the other ones that are coming out.

If you’re wondering what Stitch Fix and Wantable are all about, well I’ll give you the low down. Stitch Fix has personal stylists that get assigned to you, so you create your style profile and they highly recommend you create a Pinterest board for your inspiration wear. Trust me, they get pretty close to what you’re looking for as well as pricing. They also have a $20 styling fee. You receive the clothes, shoes, and accessories within about a week either once a month, bi weekly, or dates you choose. If you don’t like anything, all you paid was $20 or if you like all the items, you receive 25% off and if you decide to take one or two items out of the five, they provide a 20% discount. Overall, you’re billed what you keep. Wantable is pretty similar and they have an Active section geared only towards work out attire.

Subscription boxes are the newest trend and it is the best way to shop. Within the last couple of years,I have noticed they have expanded all over the world. You might think these boxes of joy are just for fashion, well that is incorrect! You can sign up for many categories such as self-care boxes, date ideas, for your pets, kids, beauty, your lifestyle, etc. You will receive significant discounts each time while discovering new products.

If you’re like me and want to have new fashionable items in your closet to show off and to make you feel good, I HIGHLY recommend you signing up for these. You can use my referral code for Stitch Fix: Jackie’s Stitch Fix – Referral Link. If you want the referral information for Wantable, I’ll have to email you. So please leave me your contact information below in the comments. Please check out Crate Joy as they have thousands of subscription boxes to choose from as well as reviews. PLUS, you can create your own if you’re wanting to launch your own business. Crate Joy offers lots of resources and training and it is quite affordable too! You can check out Hello Subscription too!

To all of my fashionistas, bloggers, influencer’s, and well….EVERYONE! Please continue to follow me and I hope I provided some kind of insight for you.

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