That New Year, New Me BS ;)

HAPPY NEW YEAR’S EVERYONE! It is 2019! How the heck did we get here?! Life has been a trip, let me tell ya… All of us have a goal that we want to accomplish whether it is personal or relating to business..

My main goal is SELF CARE/LOVE, I have neglected myself in so many ways trying to make a living that I am not considering myself. Mental health is something that everyone should be aware of, we can get so stuck inside ourselves that it hurts us in the end. Here are some of my self care tips that I will follow this year:

  • Being more active
  • Well balanced meals and vitamins
  • Time with friends
  • Dancing
  • Music
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help

When it comes down it, I think about my well being last and that is changing this year because 2018 was quite the trying year.


Continue to follow me, give me tips, leave some love…again, Happy New Year! Love you all! *kisses*



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