Capricorn and well it’s my BIRTHDAY MONTH!

January is my birthday month! I don’t have the slightest clue as to where last year went with it being my dirty 30. I am turning 31 on January 14th.

I am a total believer in astrology as well as my own zodiac sign. My horoscopes are always on point, pretty much everyday. I just wanted to share with you the 21 exact traits of a Capricorn and ME! Haha!

    Practical and Resourceful
    Patient and incredibly disciplined
    Can a read a person in a matter of seconds
    When mad, a Capricorn’s words can be brutal (yeah, that’s a given)
    Fiercely ambitious and deeply driven to succeed
    Dependable and good on their word (DUH)
    Capricorn looks for facts and evidence before coming to a conclusion(TRUTH)
    Doesn’t like to be kept waiting (if you know me, I can get impatient if you’re not on your word)
    When betrayed, not quick to forgive nor forget (learning to let this go)
    High standards, well, for everything!
    Clever and Calculated
    Capricorn gives good advice ☺️
    When a Capricorn is knocked down, they get up and keep going (so true on so many levels, however, when depressed, it’s not that easy)
    When hurting, Capricorn’s bottle up. (BAD Quality for myself, another goal to work on this year for myself)
    Reserved and takes time to open up to people (its all about trust)
    Fluent in Sarcasm!
    Extremely loyal lover
    Capricorn has a BAD habit with overthinking!
    We always have a fun and crazy side
    Attractive to Confidence and Assertiveness
    We have no problem being alone and we LOVE it!

Tell me, my fellow cappies, is this you too or what?! Totally crazy but I LOVE this type of stuff! Here’s to another year of being older and getting wiser 😉

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