5 Date Night Spots for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a special day for couples, usually ;). Then here comes the single people who can get quite cynical on this day. Our expectations on this day can get in the way and cause unneeded stress in the relationship or if you’re newly dating. Valentine’s shouldn’t be stressful and you really shouldn’t wait for this day to spoil your significant other either. You should cherish your partner day in and day out! I’ve always considered this “holiday” to be overrated even when I was in relationships because of those expectations.  Here are some spots where you can take your partner out for a fun, romantic evening/day or by yourself or with friends:

Bowling Alley

Beer/Wine Bar Crawl

Visit an Amusement Park

Organize a Game Night

Bonfire On The Beach

What’s better about these 5 ideas is that they are pretty budget friendly. It can let you connect with each other in a fun and exciting way. My recommendation to you all is don’t let Valentine’s Day ruin your relationships, don’t have high expectations, enjoy each other’s company and most importantly, LAUGH! Enjoy your special day everyone! Much love! 

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