Business Insurance and WHY You Need It

Although, my blog is geared towards Fashion, Beauty, Travel, and lifestyle. I wanted to share with you as to why and how important it is to carry insurance for your business, whether or not you just started or been in business for years…

  1. You can’t protect yourself against lawsuits happening. 
  2. You have contracts with your clients – complications can happen and lawsuits can be unavoidable, legal advisement could be costly and that is where insurance, Errors and Omissions can help protect you in time of need..especially if you’re giving legal advice, and/or a designer and something does not go according to plan and your client is ready to sue you because they went out of business over a mistake, this type of coverage can help protect over negligent actions or inadequate work.
  3. You have employees that depend on you their livelihood, workers compensation insurance if something were to happen, for example, injuries and disease, etc.
  4. You want peace of mindaccidents happen, especially out of your control, the smart thing to do is to take responsible action.
  5. You have valuable equipment, property, investments and/or inventoryif you’re not protecting your assets, then your business could fail, close down and you may pay hefty fees out of pocket
  6. Business Insurance gives you credibilitymeaning that they can see you’re taking potential risks seriously.
  7. Insurance keeps commerce moving.
  8. And finally, it is the law in most cases.

Insurance is a tricky thing and you’ll hear it isn’t necessary, when it really is and I gave some valid points on that…I have had ten years of knowledge in the insurance industry, even if you need a quote, I can do that for you as well. Please email me and let’s talk further!

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  1. This is really interesting! There’s so many things to think about when starting a business. Ive started looking at insurances recently including income protection insurance! It’s so good to have advice on this!


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