Effortless Hair


I just recently found an awesome hair product to give you that beachy wave look without much effort at all and it will STAY throughout the day, with minimal touch up. My hair is naturally straight, so I like to style it every day without a lot of time. For myself, i love my hair wavy, so I continue to touch it up maybe once during the day after it was applied in the morning. This product is called,  Beach Waves – Marc Anthony .

You can purchase this at your local drug store or even on Amazon, which the link will take you straight there for only $10. Also, this other product that helps protect your hair from heat and provides that finishing look, is Living Proof – Flex Hair Spray. For only $18-$19 on Amazon. At my local salon, it is roughly around $26, but it is WORTH it.

What I do in the morning is:

  • Shower

  • Air Dry for 10-15 minutes, but keep it damp

  • Apply a quarter size in hand

  • Spread evenly throughout your hair and start scrunching (you’ll notice a wavy aspect appear)

  • Keep doing it until you’re satisfied and then use your hair spray of choice to get that finishing look

  • Or you can clip your hair up and let it do its thing

Let me know your thoughts on this product, whether it worked for you or not! Can’t wait to share more beauty products with you. Please don’t forget to subscribe to my blog for future content! You’re why I do this! 😉


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