The 4 Body Shapes and the Tops that Compliment!

As a Fashion Stylist it is our passion to help you find the perfect pieces for your wardrobe that fit and compliment you well! Many of us do not have the slightest clue, however, as an image consultant myself, I am here today to provide some easy tips take with you for these most common body shapes. We’re ALL different and it can take a consultation to figure it out quickly. Furthermore….here we go!

    1. Athletic Body Type
      – Halter styles, racer-back styles, scoop and round necklines and strapless, ANYTHING! (i.e. Racer-back body suit- comes in a variety of colors on Amazon, Click the image)

    1. Apple Body Type
      -Breezy A-Line silhouettes, flowy tunics, relaxed, boyfriend button ups and V-Neck, anything. (i.e. Flowy tunic also in variety of colors, select image)

    1. Hourglass Body Type
      -Form-fitting jersey knits, wrap tops, peplum blouses, tailored tops with ample room in the chest area, V-Neck, round neck or boat neck. (i.e. Button up crop top to show off the waist, select image for more colors)

  • Pear Body Type
    -Plunging V-necks in any silhouette, cowl necks, bell sleeves and scoop necks. (Bell Sleeve, select image)

Do NOT feel bad or feel discouraged if you do not relate to any of these body types, it’s totally okay! These are the basics, a starting point and many women could a mixture of all them together. That is the fun part about figure out your style, you get to mix and match until you find the perfect fit.

If  you have any questions or want to see other postings relating to body types, leave a line below !

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