Bottoms for the 4 Body Types (continuation)

Hello my beauties! Happy HUMP day! As promised, I am here to share the best bottoms that’ll compliment your body type. As mentioned previously, there is the Hourglass, Pear, Apple and Athletic shapes. I know for a fact that it’s a lot more difficult to find the right pair of pants, jeans for your body type. Designers tend to make them the complete STANDARD way. Well in my opinion anyway…

The Hourglass Type (Curvy)

The one and only that every women dreams of having, right!?

High waisted skirts above the knee if you want some coverage

Low-rise, hip hugging jeans and pants, add them with a little flare bottom too to give it that extra spunk to your look.

Stretchy skinny jeans or regular and leggings

ROMPERS and JUMPSUITS, I would suggest going for waist flattering to accentuate the entire look, and your hips, of course. Be careful not to over do it!

Athletic Type (Rectangular)

Skinny jeans, leggings and trousers that are a little more structured

High-waisted pants could be difficult if your mid-area is straight, but once you find a style with some stretch it could work. I would try everything on, am I right?!

If you’re on the shorter side and want to look taller, look into bootcut styles or flare and pair them with heels/wedges that will get you a slimming and elongating look. Petite women to balance your frame, you can invest in flowy and wide-leg styles, cargos or gathered waists. If you have a long torso, medium rise pants

Apple Type (Inverted Triangle)

Leggings and skinny jeans, you see I mentioned those several times because they CAN look good with each body type, you just have to find the right tops, for example a flowy tunic, oversized sweater.

Classic trousers that have a cropped, ankle but fitted. MAJOR tip, if you have a flowy, breezy type top, you’ll need a more structured or skinny jean to balance it out. To make your silhouette elongated..HEELS w/ flare/bell bottoms and if long legs, flats.

Pear Type (Triangle)

Bootcut, classic trouser fits help elongate as well, and if you’re into the flare/bell bottoms, heels will change your look for petite women. I would also recommend dark/subtle colors for the bottoms, if you’re going for prints and other types of tops. Jeans with large back pockets can balance your rear, if they have side or front angled pockets, stitch them up as they won’t be as flattering since they will gape open.

Leave your love and/or questions for me if you want to know more..

-JM Style & Designs

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