Why Clients Hire Personal Stylists

Fashion and Styling can be quite daunting for a lot of people. Not many know how to put an outfit together, whether its for a career change, a significant life moment, for an event or just a complete makeover! Image/Styling consultants can help eliminate all this anxiety for you and I can show you the top reasons why clients hire us! Also, you don’t have to be RICH to work with one either. (We can go into detail on another blog post in the future about that…)

Here are some of the top reasons:

  1. He/she may need knowledge on how to look their most fashionable self.
  2. They may feel out of fashion and unaware of new trends and need to up their fashion game.
  3. He/she may be facing a career change or promotional needs; wanting to look powerful and prestigious.
  4. He/She can be facing a significant change in their life for the better or a moment; (i.e.) Losing weight, getting an award, etc..)
  5. They want a brand new look, new hairstyle, new colors, etc.
  6. They might have too many clothes that they need to edit down and they don’t know how (stay tuned on a course of Closet Editing)
  7. Social Media presence may lack in style
  8. He or She could be dating again and want a new head to toe look and/or dating style.
  9. New to the fashion industry and want advice on presenting self
  10. They want a REAL makeover in fashion, in style and hair and makeup.

Let JM Style & Designs know what you think or if you need assistance or know anyone else. Fashion is fun and creative! Having your own unique style is a form of self expression…

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