Spring Fashion Essentials

Spring is here, but sadly enough, not many people can enjoy it like we usually do, besides we can still see all the gorgeous flowers blooming, feel the weather changing amongst our skin during a walk around the block. Have you thought about what types of Spring fashion essentials you should have in your closet? Well, I’m here to guide you on that! Below you will see some of my favorite recommendations. Click on the links and it’ll take you to the online boutique if you want to search more options that are catered to your style! Happy Shopping and if you have questions, please feel free!!

  • Lightweight Jackets (my favorite is a leather jacket, at any season)

Spring time weather can still be fairly cool or as we all know, if you live in California, we can have a heatwave. So its a recommendation that you have a lightweight jacket, such as a leather jacket that’s not too bulky or better yet, a denim jacket! You can transition from day to night with these types of jackets, no matter the weather right? Also, having a light leather jacket gives your look an extra edge! Why not, right?

Single Breasted Faux Leather Jacket

  • The Solid White Tee. A white shirt is a fashion staple every woman should have in their wardrobe. Layering this with a sweater, denim or leather jacket, or even a statement jewelry piece. Even in the professional world,  a woman having a white button up or a camisole to go with a pencil skirt, trousers or better yet along with your favorite blazer.

V-neck Solid Tee

  • White Pants or White Jeans. As I mentioned above about the weather and certain colors, having white pants or white jeans during the springtime can help make you feel cooler! Plus these can be paired with any color out there or neutrals. My go to style cut pants would be the skinny pant/jean so I can show off my wedges, pumps and sandals. Be sure to check out all cuts to better suit you too!

Ripped Skinny Jeans

  • Cropped Jeans/Pants. These are always a cute staple to have in your closet as well. Show off your ankles and put on your fashion sneakers for a casual look. Either way you style it, it’s going to look fabulous!

Cropped Solid Skinny Jeans

Simplee High Waist Belted Wide Leg Cropped Pants

  • Crop Tops, Blouses & Sweaters. Crop tops are a MUST for my wardrobe. Get to show off a little skin, wear them with jeans, skirts, or leggings. Wear your denim jacket over it! If you’re too cold, throw in a light sweater. Lastly, I recommend a floral blouse (halter top form) or bell sleeved!

Notch Neck Crop Top

Drop Shoulder Bell Sleeve Sheer Sweater

Botanical Print Bell Sleeve Off Shoulder Top

  • The Fashion Sneaker. Sneakers have always been a must for young women. It gives us that casual fun look and in the springtime, all we tend to do is run around with activities into summer! I don’t consider fashion sneakers a staple, but its definitely a trend right now.

Lace-up Front Wide Fit Sneakers

  • Flats, (all season). Flats would be a must in your shoe rack! They’re perfect for your day to day job, or if you’re exhausted with wearing heels or whatever else it may be. This is a nice transition, but a comfortable one at that. That Spring weather is still on the cool side, so if you’re still not ready to wear sandals, flats are great too.

Faux Pearl Decor Suede Flats

  • Neutral or Black Handbag. When I’m out with my girlfriends or even running errands, getting ready for Summer. I don’t want to carry around a large tote with me, I love having a crossbody purse. You don’t need much but your cash n cards and phone and you get around a lot faster with just throwing this over your shoulder/body. However, owning a tote like the below here is a great piece too. I like to switch back and forth depending on what is going on that day of my life.

Twist Lock Quilted Tote Bag With Purse

Letter Graphic Crossbody Bag

  • Spring Dresses or a Two Piece skirt/short set. Last but not least, Spring is all about floral and all styles of dresses like the one below. Floral, sexy and a maxi. You feel that cool, crisp air moving through you and the dress and you see your dress flowing in the wind. You can’t help but feel all eyes on you walking down the street! If you’re not a dress girl, I’d suggest the two piece sets that, Shein offers as well as other retailers. It can be easier to move in, you may feel a little bit more casual, but still confidently sexy !

Missord Ruffle Neck Split Thigh Floral Maxi Dress

Floral Print Knot Hem Butterfly Sleeve Top With Shorts

  • Lastly, a transitional sandal of your choice! If you’re a woman and don’t own a pair of transitional sandals, well girl, it is time to get on that train. The sandal with the small heel is also transitional. Having a variety is key in the spring and summer time. 

Studded Decor Ankle Strap Sandals

Open Toe Chunky Heel Ankle Strap Sandal

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