Style Services

Conquer Empowerment Through Style!

A new outfit, a new piece of clothing, or even a new wardrobe can feel empowering and that is what I am here to help you feel, every single day! We will discuss your style goals, how you would describe your current style, what you would like it to be, the areas in which need improvement and address any other questions you may have. All Client Pre-Work involves a questionnaire, which includes body type assessment, sizing, color analysis, etc., and a Style Vision Board through Pinterest, lastly I’ll curate a shopping list with links included for recommendations. Are you ready to reinvent yourself?!

*Payment Options Offered, Upon Request* (Services Per Hour: $50 + Monthly Membership)

Personal Shopping –>Looking for some new pieces to add to your wardrobe, seasonal wear, an event or a style overhaul? Let’s get to shopping!! You and I will discuss your style needs and fashion goals, and take a look at your existing clothing / accessories to assess what you need to complete your wardrobe for the season. A prior Closet Cleanse is highly recommended! In Person & Virtual Available.

Personal + Virtual Styling –>The Virtual World is at its highest peak! Virtual Styling can help you get you ready for an upcoming event or find those must-haves for your day to day. Whatever your specific needs, time-frame, and budget, hand-picked selections will be delivered to you via e-mail (digital lookbook). You will be informed about any clothing staples lacking from your current wardrobe and receive a detailed personalized shopping list (including links to online resources) to help fill in the blanks.

Closet Audit-Reinvention –> We are ALL guilty of having clothing items from years ago, stuck in our closets, things that don’t fit, or you just grew out of it, or you simply forgot about it. Lastly, “I have NOTHING to wear” phrase! This will include a 30 minute style assessment. You and I will discuss the potential of your current closet, I’ll help curate outfits that meet your style needs as well as recommending essentials. No need to go shopping. Lastly, a recommendation of 5-10 new pieces will be added. Duration: 4-6HR (depending on size)

Other Services available –> Professional Styling, Photoshoot Styling, Vacation/Event Styling and Capsule Wardrobes and ORGANIZATION/CLEANING (Inquire within)

Special Add Ons

  • Accessory + Make-Up Tips
  • Daily Outfit Planner
  • Weekly/Monthly Outfit Planner
  • Vacation Packing List
  • Closet Cleanse Checklist
  • Color Palette Analysis – Inquire within

We look forward to reinventing your true self!